Are you ready for a coaching and mastermind environment like nothing else on the planet?
If you've ever been in a high level mastermind environment, you probably already understand the power of being in a room of credible and experienced leaders, all there to share their best secrets, strategies and practices that helped to get them from where they were to where they are today.
If you've ever been in a high level mastermind environment, you probably already understand the power of being in a room of credible and experienced leaders, all there to share their best secrets, strategies and practices that helped to get them from where they were to where they are today.
Likewise, if you've ever had a personal one on one coach for any reason, (a sports coach, an impactful teacher, a mentor) you probably understand the power of having another experienced human being who cares for you immensely, focused solely on helping you to get from where you are currently to where you ultimately want to be.
Over the course of my life, I've had the privilege of experiencing both of these things, and they have shaped and molded me into the business owner, father, husband, national speaker, author and coach I am today. 

That being said, never before have I been able to experience the power of both of these combined together in one environment.
The Leadership Boardroom combines the best of both of these growth strategies to deliver what many consider the best of the best personal and business improvement environments available.


What is LEadership boardroom?
 nationwide coaching / mastermind groups
Our nationwide coaching/mastermind groups are limited to no more than 15 brilliant, hand selected people that meet regularly in a one on one coaching and group mastermind environment.
Hand Selected members 
 Each and every member has been personally selected and extensively interviewed to ensure an atmosphere of outstanding leaders in life and industry, all dedicated to massive growth in both business and personal endeavors. We intentionally seek out professionals in a multitude of fields who are not only dedicated to living life on their own terms, but are also committed to helping others do the same.
We are insanely particular about who we allow to be a part of the Boardroom, recognizing that a large portion of the value received is determined by those who have been allowed to become a part of it. If you've made it this far, consider yourself part of the elite few.
What's in it for you?
Leadership Boardroom Coaching Groups are Limited to only 15 People – for good reason!
One of the biggest challenges with most mastermind/coaching groups is that they get so big over time that it’s easy to get lost in the mix. We limit each group to only 15 members to ensure ultimate accountability, consistent growth and ease of sharing. You no longer feel like you’re sharing your journey towards living your personal and business vision with strangers. Instead, it’s more like family. (Only it’s a family that supports you and encourages you along the way.)
Coaching and Mastermind Retreats 3X per Year
The most important piece (and much of the value of Leadership Boardroom) is delivered at these mastermind retreats. Retreats take place three times per year and are 2 days each.  At these retreats, you’ll get a special “hot seat” time where leaders from around the country get together with one sole purpose: To help each other grow.
One on One Coaching Calls with Your Designated Coach
Each month, you’ll get access to a personal one on one coaching call directly with your coach. Your coach is here specifically to help you stay on path with your goals as well as ensuring nothing is in the way of you living your ideal business and personal vision. The bottom line is, your coach is here to help you along the way, and also gently push you when you need to be challenged to become a bigger version of yourself.
Group Monthly Coaching Calls
Each month, Shaun picks one Leadership Boardroom member who has massive value to share with the rest of the group(s) to co-host a group video call accessible to all LB members. 
One On One - Full Day Session with your Coach
Each year, as a Leadership Boardroom member you are also entitled to one full day with your coach where the focus is, simply... youThis day can be utilized for growth in a multitude of areas, focusing on any number of challenges that leaders face.
Additional Training Events – No Upcharges!
Shaun McCloskey may teach a number of events geared towards business building and vision
casting. As a LB member, you’ll get to attend future event like this for free!
Private (Members Only) Facebook Group (all LB Members)
LB members will have access to a private members only Facebook group to communicate between events. This means you can not only communicate with the other members within your own group, you can also communicate with members of all LB groups. (Most of the speakers you see at this event are active within our Facebook community. 
Private (Members Only) Facebook Group (Individual LB Groups)
LB members will also have access to communicate with their own individual groups between retreats as well via their own groups private Facebook group. Messages sent and received here go your group only, and are great for sharing progress updates and getting questions answered that are specific to your own group of 15 members. 

Meet Your Coaches
Leadership Boardroom Coach, CEO HumanLytics
The truth is, most people, even the “successful ones”, never take the time to build a business around what they truly want to be doing on a daily basis.

Shaun McCloskey is a real estate investor, author, and nationally recognized speaker. Considered “the Coach’s Coach,” Shaun coaches high caliber business owners, national speakers and coaches across the country.

When he’s not out changing lives and helping others to grow their businesses visions, he can be found in his home town of St. Louis with his wife and 3 children, playing guitar and singing in a band for fun. His personal and business motto is “give first” which is evident in his coaching programs and personal interactions.
Leadership Boardroom Coach, CEO HumanLytics
As the former VP of operations and Director of Learning for globally recognized companies, I’ve been fortunate enough to be a part of amazing teams over the years.

Trust, collaboration, and that unstoppable feeling - it’s magic. So, how do you design a winning team to drive results? Is it more about raw talent or chemistry? How do you scale that design across the organization so productivity soars and your culture thrives? I love teaching and sharing the talent optimizing skills and assessments that help our clients achieve their strategic plans.
Leadership Boardroom Coach
Our little crew has grown so much since we started in real estate back in 2008! My husband Josh and I have grown our portfolio, our experience, and our family! It all started with the purchase of a 4 plex through a short sale, which we renovated while living in. 
We now own several hundred multifamily units valued at almost $20 million dollars. We also own a full-service residential brokerage, have flipped dozens of houses, coach amazing students, have 3 beautiful children, and enjoy lots of adventures! 

There have been so many lessons learned on our journey! We put in long hours on renovations, property management, business management, and did ‘all the things’ on our own for many years. As we grew, we realized this was not sustainable, at least not if we wanted to find joy in life! 

So, we hired fantastic third-party management and created systems to give us more time. That time is used to focus on living our visions as well as continuing to grow our investments and coaching groups. We legitimately run everything without employees, just an amazing team of independent contractors, and only 10-15 hours per week of work. 

We are passionate about sharing the vision concepts and tools that have given us the exceptional freedoms we have today. We’re committed to continued growth personally, professionally, and for our students and clients! We look forward to connecting with you!

RP Capital, Leadership Boardroom Coach
Ron Phillips has flipped thousands of houses, (literally flipped 800 of them just last year!) AND owns $28 million in apartments, AND built and sold a property management company, AND he’s the least stressed, most free real estate entrepreneur we know...all because he went through the same process of designing his businesses that he’s going to walk you through in this workshop. 

Today, Ron is a husband, father, leader and business owner, literally living every single aspect of his vision, from personal to business, and he’s going to show you exactly how he got there, and how to overcome your own struggles along the way.
Leadership Boardroom Coach, Integrator
She has contributed for years to the speaking and real estate education industry in many capacities including event planning, coordination, direction, marketing, office management, operations, executive administration, sales and other roles. With The Goins Group, Neighborhood Housing Group and BRAG Radio Network, Kandas has been the Integrator. She and Larry co-hosted the BRAG Radio Show that aired on WBT Talk Radio as a show and as a podcast, currently she serves all employees in the day-to-day of each company as the Integrator, is Larry’s right-hand and his business partner with some projects. Kandas thrives on being able to increase efficiency and productivity through establishing procedures, policies and systems. She is a strategic thinker with high energy and is very passionate about a dedication to excellence with everything she touches.
Green Leadership Consulting, Leadership Boardroom Coach
Visionary HR leader and coach who believes in the combination of great organizational culture and high conviction leaders. Coaches C-suite, VC and portfolio organizations in individual and team effectiveness. An expert in the intersection between individual and collective development.

Provides executive assessments and coaching for senior leadership and high potential leaders. Offers strategic advisory services across HR teams, senior leaders and boards on talent strategies.

Expertise in talent management, succession, identification of top talent, leadership development, diversity, belonging, innovation and culture change.

Great leaders create great teams that build game changing organizations!
That's not all!
Once you’re accepted into the Leadership Boardroom, we make it a point NOT to bombard you with 500 other seminars you need to purchase in order to be successful. 

This "up selling" strategy is known to be one of the biggest pet peeves about the coaching and mastermind industry. When you are a part of the Leadership Boardroom Mastermind Group, you never pay for any additional events, period!

 For example, a few times per year, Shaun McCloskey may teach a number of events geared towards building a national speaking business, building a coaching business, vision casting, etc.  In addition, (and if willing) spouses are encouraged to attend all retreats/coaching sessions at no extra charge.
The bottom line is, you’re not going to get “upsold” into a bunch of other stuff. This program is designed to provide you with what you need without all of that nonsense.
Statement: All testimonials were freely given and no one was compensated monetarily nor was anyone given any product or services in exchange for a review of our product/services. 
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